Powershell deployment - Your passport to imaging

Deployment Anywhere Infrastructure and Tools

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Core Infra

Your current OSD environment and resources made secure, available and ready for PSD and MDT

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PSD templates and task sequences extend your deployment reach – anyone, anywhere, anytime

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Automate driver management, maintenance and administration for MDT

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Web Services

Leverage IIS to add external OSD functionality to your systems management solution set


Deploy and optimize MDT for image engineering and automated OS deployments

Small companies, large companies, governments, heck even heads of state want to have, use and enjoy the really cool stuff that we use.

Some of it we developed, some of it we use because dang it, it just works so well. You should too!

Windows 7 end-of-life is near.
Take control of your environment and make the move to Windows 10 the easy way with modern tools.

Migrating to Windows 10 doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or time-consuming

Now is the right time to deploy Windows 10. Windows 7 is quickly approaching end-of-life and your organization, your users and your data could be at risk. Windows 10 introduces a raft of new technologies and features to delight your end-users.

With PSD you can now make it as easy to image and deploy computers....all shapes and sizes and it exploits the power of Powershell scripting.

MDT + PSD -> OSD Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone!

PSD enables you to extend your MDT Lite Touch Installation capabilities beyond traditional IT boundaries. With PSD you can now make it as easy to wipe and reload computers at home, hotels, on-the-go just as easily as if you were in the office.

  • Our approach is based on PowerShell scripting expertise perfected over years of development, testing and real-world implementation with customers of all shapes and sizes.

  • We use automation and PowerShell as our bread and butter. PSD updates MDT to run on the scripting tools your IT team already knows and uses—PowerShell.

  • The last thing you need is yet another tool (or another cost) in your systems management toolbox. PSD extends the functionality of MDT that you’re probably already using.

  • Let’s face it, traditional OSD (imaging) just doesn’t work outside corporate boundaries, By leveraging IIS, you can securely and efficiently provide the real-time imaging and rebuild support your users will appreciate.


johan arwidmark

Chief Technology Officer

Microsoft MVP

Johan specializes in Systems Management and Enterprise Windows Deployment Solutions. He is actively involved in deployment communities like deploymentresearch.com and has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for more than thirteen years.

Steve Campbell

Principal Technical Architect

Campbell is a 16-year Microsoft Veteran. His experience includes ConfigMgr, MDT, along with industry OS deployment, provisioning solutions, and Azure/IOT experience.


Senior Consultant

Jordan’s worked with Active Directory, Group Policy, SCCM, SCOM, and PowerShell. He’s worked as an SCCM Infrastructure Team lead supporting over 150,000 endpoints.. Recently, his focus has been in SQL Reporting for SCCM, the creation of PowerShell scripts to automate tasks and PowerBI.


Principal Technical Architect

Microsoft MVP

He has worked with all kinds of infrastructure tasks, in all kinds of environments, enterprise to small business. He’s currently building Private Cloud solutions based on Hyper-V, System Center and Windows Azure pack and building deployment solutions for client OS and Server OS.

Baremetal, Refresh, Replace and more!!

We know that OS deployments and imaging scenarios come in many flavors. New devices, repurposing, computer swaps and more. PSD can be used for those scenarios as well as other challenging administration and management tasks where complex sequences of events are required.